Non-UofA Exams

LAC For External Students

The Learning Assessment Centre offers services to non-University of Alberta students. Our services include:

  • A proctored environment for you to complete your exam
  • Connecting with the exam provider to ensure that exam administration is smooth
  • A safe, secure, and welcoming environment

Our testing centre is centrally located on the University of Alberta North campus, steps away from public transportation (bus station and light-rail transit line). The centre is accessible by elevator and each lab has a height adjustable workstation. Our labs can accommodate up to 100 students. Each computer station is remotely monitored.


Education North 3-106
University of Alberta
11210 - 87 Ave
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G5

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

Testing Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


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Expectations and Information

waterNo FoodNo Coatnohatno phoneno watch

Prior to the exam, students:

  • Enter the LAC from the main doors at Education North 3-106. (Map to the LAC)
  • Must bring a form of identifcation to the exam as it is required for entry to the Learning Assessment Centre. 
  • Are not permitted mobile or electronic devices in the LAC.
    • If students have a device, they must ensure that it is turned off and placed in a locker.
  • Are not permitted to have outerwear, bags, hats and headwear (except for religious purposes) and personal belongings in the LAC.
    • These items can be left in lockers outside of the LAC.You may bring a lock and lock up your personal belongings, although you can also borrow locks from the LAC. Students who borrow a lock from the LAC will be required to provide government-issued photo ID, which will be held until the lock is returned.
    • The LAC reception area is also available for item storage (note: that you leave all items here at your own risk; the University of Alberta, Faculty of Education, Technologies in Education, and all affiliated parties do not take any responsibility for watching your items.) 

During the exam, students:

  • Place their identification - picture side up - on their desk during the exam, and ensure that it is visible while they write their exam.
  • Can only use additional materials with the instructor’s expressed written permission to the LAC prior to the exam start.
  • Are asked to be respectful of this non-talking environment.
  • Can bring water bottles into the LAC, but the labels must be removed prior to entering the testing area. Thermoses are allowed if their lids are completely closed and sealed and only contain water. Proctors will ask to see inside non-clear containers.
  • That have questions regarding the exam, technical difficulties, or need other assistance, should raise their hand and a proctor will attend to them.
  • May not leave the LAC - even for the washroom - until their exam is completed.
  • Are provided materials such as ear plugs, scrap paper, and a pencil. Scrap paper provided to students in the LAC will be collected at the end of the exam.

After the exam, students:

  • Should verify with a proctor that they have submitted their exam and logged out properly.
  • Are directed to the reception area to sign-out of the exam.




Prices vary based on type, length, and size of exam. Credit is accepted—you will be sent a web link to pay online. Please ensure you bring your receipt as proof of payment with you to your exam.


Student Type


Alberta Mortgage Broker Association Exam

$75 + gst
Real Estate Council of Alberta Exam
$75 + gst
2-hour Exam for Higher Education Students
An exam offered by a College or University that is less than 2-hours in length.
$60 + gst
3-hour Exam for Higher Education Students
An exam offered by a College or University that is between 2-hours and 3-hours in length.
$75 + gst
4-hour Exam for Higher Education Students
An exam offered by a College or University that is between 3-hours and 4-hours in length.
$75 + gst

















LAC Cancellation Policy

Note:  Pre-payment of examination fees is required to secure an exam appointment. 

Cancellation:  Less than 2 days (48 Hours)

In the event that an examinee cancels their exam appointment less than 2 days (48 hours) prior to their exam, refunds will not be issued.  100% of the examination fee will be taken.

Cancellation:  More than 2 days 

In the event that an examinee cancels their exam appointment earlier than 2 days (48 hours) prior to their exam, they may:

  • reschedule their exam appointment to another date at no cost, or

  • cancel their exam appointment, and a $50 non-refundable fee (plus GST) will be taken (the remainder will be returned to the student via refund).