Faculty & Staff

How does the LAC save Faculty time?



  • Exam Creation 
    Convert and upload paper-based exams to a digital format.
  • Question Creation
    Professional support in the creation of high quality test questions.
  • Digital Question Bank
    Creation, storage and maintenance of questions in digital format. Questions can be tagged according to a variety of criteria, such as the level of difficulty and the relevant learning outcome(s).
  • Exam Booking
    Web-based exam booking allows students to write at their own convenience - without taking up class time.
  • Email Reminders 
    Automated reminders for SAS student list and exam submission.
  • Exam Consultation
    Professional support in the creation of high-quality exams

During Exam

  • Check-in/Out 
    Secure student entry and exit through multiple sources of verification and authorization.
  • Live Proctor
    Trained proctors invigilate at a ratio of 1 per 25 students.
  • Remote Proctor
    Service available for students writing on their own device off-campus
  • Highly Secure Lab
    100 locked down workstations.
  • Student Accommodation
    We are able to support accommodations such as: extended time, larger font, and an isolated environment.

Post Exam

  • Automatic Scoring 
    Results are immediately available for most question types.
  • Exam Analysis
    Generate customized reports on exam performance.
  • Customized Reporting
    Generate custom reports to students to ensure high quality feedback.
  • Question Analysis
    Individualized sessions with professors to analyze test items and make revisions.
  • Long-Term Analytics
    Maintenance of a question bank over a long time period leading to improved exam quality.


Learning Assessment Centre (LAC) Instructor Guide

The LAC operates as a secure, proctored exam space. The LAC is dedicated to supporting instructors who want to administer digital exams. The LAC is not available to proctor paper-based exams for instructors.

The LAC hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (Monday through Thursday evenings by request); Saturday (by instructor request). The LAC will be open 15 minutes prior to the start of the first examination booked that day. LAC Proctors will be present to invigilate examinations during the times outlined on the online registration form. The LAC requires that booking requests are submitted a minimum of 5 business days in advance.


The guiding questions below are to help instructors become familiar with the process of using the LAC.

What kind of exam would you like to book in the LAC?

  • Block Booked Exam -  all students write together in the LAC at the same time.
  • Flexible Booked Exam - scheduled within a designated date and time range. The instructor determines the date and time range. Booking this type of exam provides students with flexibility within the course. It also may provide more instructional time within the course classes.

What do I need to request a block booked exam?

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Determine what materials or items, if any, students require to write the exam. Examples include calculators, textbooks, notebooks, etc. Please be as specific as you possibly can be (i.e.: open book using non-digital resources only).
  • Instructors may choose, although are not required, to stay the full length of the exam.

What do I need to request a flexible booked exam? 

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • The date(s) you would like students to have access to the exam. For example, instructors can allow students to write an exam over a 24 hour period, a couple days or possibly longer.
  • The amount of tiem you would like students to have to complete the exam. This refers to the exam time limit students have once the exam is opened up on their desktop. Once the exam has started, students will not be permitted to leave the LAC for any reason.


eClass Quiz Creation Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have the students write an exam that is in multiple formats?

Yes - if by written you mean typed on the computer. We offer exams through eClass powered by Moodle., and we will help you put your exam in digital format. Features of eClass' quizzing function allows for a variety of question format types - short answer, m/c, fill-in-the blank, essay, etc.

If the exam is open book is this allowed in the centre?

This wouldn’t be a problem. Students would be identified as being able to use their textbooks. LAC would also need to know if the instructors are allowing textbooks and notebooks or just textbooks.

Does the instructor have to proctor the exam?


If the range is only during class time only on a specific day is that okay?

The instructor can choose as small or as large a window as they are comfortable with, provided it does not conflict with other bookings.

What does it exactly mean by student scheduled time?

Students will have an opportunity to drop in to write their exam within the date range and time frame designated by their professor/instructor. This drop in format allows greater flexibility for students and instructors.

What formats are available for professors to create their exam in?

We provide support for instructors wanting to create exams in eClass.

What is the benefit in comparison to traditional paper exam?

    • Multiple Choice and short answer questions can be instantly marked without using scantron sheets.
    • Students can type short answer or extended response essay formats with ease.
    • Students can use the accessibility features on the computer to accommodate vision difficulties and preferences.
    • Instructors can access all of the exams in one place from flexible locations. No need to lug exam booklets all over the place for marking.

Is the LAC available as a proctored space for students writing paper-based exams?

The LAC is only available for students writing eClass exams. The LAC will not proctor paper-based exams for students writing UofA exams.

Is the LAC available for exams during any term and course duration such as IFX and AFX terms?

The Learning Assessment Centre is open year round. The LAC will be able to accommodate exams at any time throughout the semester - regular or condensed, fall, winter, spring and summer.